Monday, 15 September 2014

Fire Wallpapers

Wallpapers and Screensavers have been around as long as the Desktop Computer. They are mood changing over-sized images that can be place as the background on your desktop pc or mac. Even when your computer has multiple screens such as dual screen, triple screen, or quad screen, there are still wallpapers that will be extend across all your monitors.

Nowadays, screensavers and wallpapers have shifted to Animated and 3D wallpapers and screensavers. Meaning your background is actually living or alive. Some of the more popular animated wallpapers are such beautiful things as dolphins swimming around your screen, animals playing in the forest, waterfalls flowing behind your documents, falling leaves of fall, christmas santa on his sleigh, dinosaurs roaring including t-rex and flying dinos, cute animals including kittens, dogs running around your screen, fresh flowers blooming with each day.